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PSE Approach

At PSE, we work comprehensively with each client helping to coordinate all of your financial affairs. We do this by utilizing a holistic approach to financial planning that encompasses 13 Wealth Management Issues that our research has shown are important for everyone to address. We leverage the vast resources of our broker-dealer, Prospera Financial, along with a select group of local estate attorneys, CPAs, and insurance specialists for the purpose of helping you coordinate all of your financial affairs. We're able to deliver this level of service in a custom and personalized way. We are passionately committed to the individual client, you, no matter what your goals are. We build plans around you; not your account balance. Because of this, our clients now have more time to enjoy life doing the things they want to do, and spend less time worrying about the future.

There are a few things that our clients appreciate most about PSE:

  • We have a clear methodology.
  • We articulate our process upfront.
  • We are disciplined, focused, and have the professional knowledge to make sure all of your issues are addressed.
  • We keep it simple and take the burden off your shoulders and place it on our own.