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The Top 12 Tax Frauds

A look at the IRS “dirty dozen” list. Have you heard of the “dirty dozen?” Each year, the IRS lists the top 12 recurring federal tax offenses – frauds, cheats, feints and schemes that ethically challenged taxpayers, tax preparers and crooks try to perpetrate. Watch for these scams in all seasons, not just tax season. […]


Are Americans Growing More Optimistic About Retiring?

  • by April Harper on Mar 12, 2015
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Pragmatism seems to be replacing pessimism, at least. Is it okay to retire today? Many baby boomers shelved notions of retiring during the past few years. Layoffs, the decline in home values, the crushing bear market of 2007-09 – those memories were just too fresh, and their economic effects were still being felt by many […]